CEMS Annual Events & MIM Graduation Ceremony 2022

30 November - 03 December 2022


Attendance, Registration & Fees

Who can attend the CEMS Annual Events & Graduation Ceremony Activities?

Everyone in the CEMS Community can attend the CEMS Annual Events.

Meetings: Several governance meetings are opened only to respective stakeholders (Executive Board, Alumni Association Board and Local Committees, Communication Directors, Program Managers, Language Committees, Student Board, Corporate Partners).

Graduation Ceremony: The MIM Graduation Ceremony is a special moment when the graduating cohort receives recognition for their achievements in front of the CEMS academic audience and their families and guests.

What is the event fee?

The costs per events will appear as you register and will depend on your registration needs.

The CEMS community members will pay an overall fee of 850€ for the 3-day Package or 650€ for the 2-day package.

Fees for Graduation Ceremony, Dinner & Party 2022

For Graduands 2022: 285€
For Alumni 2020, 2021: 385€

Fees for Graduation Ceremony & Dinner 2022

For Graduands 2022: 240€
For Alumni 2020, 2021: 340€

Fees for Graduation Party 2022

For everyone: 45€

We opened registrations as early as possible to enable participants to make their decision.  It is a conscious decision to create different costs for the students.  For the majority, 2022 graduates have just started working around the time of the opening of registrations. On average, alumni from the earlier cohorts will have one or two years of professional experience already. This is reflected in the different registration costs.
Please remember there is a 10% discount until the 20th of July (early-bird).

What is included in Fee?
Inclusive of transportation (from set pick up points in Cairo to and from GIZA), enhanced security as is the requirement of Egyptien government for an international group of visitors, Ceremony, Location rental, AV, logistics, staff, Gala Dinner, followed by the After Party with food, drinks, entertainment.

There is no overcharge, participants share overall costs of the event.  

Why is there a difference in Fees for the 2022 Graduation Celebrations?

The American University in Cairo (AUC) will host the official 2022 Graduation Ceremony and activities. To enable former graduates from 2020 and 2021 to have their moment on stage, our host is kindly opening the 2022 event. This is however a very costly event to organise and every participant will contribute at different prices that are announced in advance, enabling participants to make their decision, and making it affordable for the youngest generation to attend.

For the majority, 2022 graduates have just started working around the time of the opening of registrations. On average, alumni from the earlier cohorts will have one or two years of professional experience already. This is reflected in the different registration costs.
Please see above question for a breakdown of event fee structure.

How many guests can I bring?

  • Academic representatives can bring one guest to certain social events.
  • Graduands can bring 4 guests.
  • Alumni can bring 2 guests.
  • Students participating in social parties can bring 1 guest.

If at the deadline of registrations places are still available, extra guests can be added at
that point. Please come back to us mid-October to check how registrations are going to
see if additional guests can be added.

How do I register myself and my guests?

Registration is already open and will close the 16th of November 2022 (23:59 CET). The Earlybird reduction of -10% will close at midnight July 20th. This reduction is available for you and your guest(s).

You will receive an email with an invitation to register for the Annual Events & Graduation Ceremony 2022. This email will enable you to access the platform. If you do not receive the email, please message us at annualevents@cems.org.

Graduates and community members must register their guest(s) as part of their own registration. Note that you may not have access to all events, some of them being restricted to specific community stakeholder groups. You will only have access to events for which you are eligible to register for.

If you are missing meetings events to which you need to register drop us a message at annualevents@cems.org.

Can students (not graduating this year) attend the graduation ceremony?

CEMS students can join the ceremony as an official guest, registered in the system, as well as attend the Graduation Dinner & Party.

What is included in the Graduation Ceremony, Dinner & Party?

This event is made to bring the CEMS community together from around the world along with their loved ones to celebrate a very special moment for the CEMS MIM Graduands.

This dynamic ceremony will include speeches from esteemed members of the CEMS Alliance, recognition and Awards for Faculty and Alumni and a buffet dinner. Strict security measures will be put in place to ensure the safety of our participants and protect event exclusivity, transportation for guests, entertainment, photographers to capture the significant moments, and other fun meetings with CEMS friends all in a magnificent setting.

The size of the event requires a special venue and organization includes event lighting, sitting arrangements, badges, and other event props. Additionally, the cost for the hosting academic member is enormous.

Participants support the organization with the payment of fees.

I would like to attend the Graduation Ceremony only and not the Dinner or Party.

It is not possible to attend the ceremony only without the Dinner package.

Heightened security will be in place, which is normal procedure for the safety of an international group. This is why we organise the event as one, to keep the community
safe and together (ceremony+dinner+party).

We’ve organized the event as one, to keep the international community together. The ceremony and dinner will be held together so participants can mingle and share a meal
around a table with various other CEMS members.

The party, however, is optional. Transportation will be available after the Dinner for any guests wishing to return to the designated hotels or drop off points.

Why must I pay at the time of registration?

Due to the number of NON-VALIDATED registrations, the Organising Committee must request payment at the time of registration.

If you would like to register but need more time for payment, send us an email at annualevents@cems.org

Whats happens if I cancel my participation or my guest(s) participation in the events?

Cancellation Policy and Refund of Fees
Cancellations must be confirmed in writing by email to annualevents@cems.org Minus a handling fee of 15€
After this date, no refund is possible. In case of no-show, no refund is possible.
* Handling fee is paid once, by registration, not by person. If you cancel 3 registrations, the handling fee will be applied once.

Instructions for Refunds
All authorized refunds will be made by the CEMS Global Office following the CEMS Annual Events. If payment is made with Visa/MasterCard, refund will be made directly to the card used at payment. Alternatively, via bank transfer, full personal and bank account details (address, swift code, IBAN number, etc.) must be sent by email to annualevents@cems.org

Cancellation by Participants/Guests/ CEMS Community representatives
-You can cancel free of charge and receive FULL refund of the registration fees up to 9 September 2022 .
· You can cancel and receive 50% refund of the registration fees up to10 October 2022
· If cancelled after the 10th of October, we reserve the right not refund any amount

Cancellations must be confirmed in writing by email to annualevents@cems.org Minus a handling fee of 15€

Graduands 2022(only) with proof that he/she will not graduate can receive 100% refund up to October 31st.
Cancellations must be confirmed in writing by email to annualevents@cems.org inus a handling fee of 15€

Cancellation by organisation
Should the organisation be obliged to cancel the CEMS event due to force of circumstances, the CEMS Global Office together with the American University of Cairo reserves the right to not (entirely) refund participation fees.
It is encouraged to take out a travel insurance.
More about your Trip

Accommodation In Cairo

Our host, AUC has preferential rates at some hotels which are included in the websection prepare your trip. Hotels are chosen for their proximity to the main locations during the Events. The AUC Campus (for governance meetings) and Giza (MIM Graduation Activities).
The CEMS academic representatives are encouraged to stay at the Renaissance or the Westin to facilitate the organisation.

Hotels for guests are guidelines only.
Guests attending the Graduation Activities can choose any hotel of their choice via other international hotel applications.

Transportation to and from event locations will be provided at set pick up and drop off points. This information will be available closer to the date of the events.

Do I need a visa to travel to Egypt?

Yes. A visa will be needed to enter Egypt. Please check more information on the following link.

How to get from the airport to the city centre?

Before you arrive, you can arrange airport transportation with the University by contacting carpool@aucegypt.edu. A driver will pick you up at the Cairo airport and take you to your residence.

The network of buses cover most Cairo neighbourhoods and run all day. For further details about the routes, schedule, prices, payment, etc., click here.

What is the weather forecast?

The average temperatures in Egypt in December range from 22°C to 12°C. For more detailed information about the weather in Cairo, check here.