Destination Egypt: An Extraordinary Trip Awaits You

As you plan for your memorable graduation in Egypt, we want to help you plan your unparalleled vacation!
While visiting Egypt we really want you to soak up the great history, interact with the friendly people, and visit all the iconic destinations. An experience you don’t want to miss awaits you! If you don’t know what to do in Egypt, we combined a list of experiences to get you as excited as we are that CEMS Annual Events and Graduation are coming to the country of the Pharos this Fall.

CAIRO; one of the most unique and dynamic cities in the world

Immerse yourself in the metropole that is Cairo, a dazzling historical destination, a contemporary urban city and a bustling land that never sleeps.

Hot Air Balloons, A Luxor view from the top

Enjoy a special view of some of the world’s oldest and greatest temples in a hot air balloon! Nothing beats the stunning aerial views over the world's greatest open-air museum.

Black and White Desert, A unique desert experience

This one's for adventurers and dessert fans! Located just south of Bahariya Oasis, it’s a perfect spot to enjoy the natural scenery of the white chalk pinnacles among the sand.

Siwa Oasis, a healing experience

Swimming in the see-through salt lake waters surrounded by ice-white salt banks in one of Egypt’s most unique oasis is a positive healing experience you don’t want to miss.

Alexandria, The pearl of the Mediterranean

The marvelous waters of the Mediterranean is unparalleled. Also don't miss visiting the unique Bibliotheca Alexandrina, the monumental Greco-Roman landmarks, and feast on the freshest seafood there is.

Mount Catherine, reach the highest point in Egypt

At the heart of South Sinai Peninsula, Saint Catherine offers dozens of routes that are perfect for all climbing enthusiasts, in addition to sightseeing renowned historical spots for all Abrahamic religions.

Gouna, party playground by the sea

The calm of life by the beach combined with an array of choices of water sports and activities, and an exceptional nightlife. Gouna’s charm is not to be missed out on!

Ras Sudr, a kite surfer's paradise

With its amazing weather, Ras Sudr is one of the best places for Kitesurfing in Egypt. Its chill and relaxed vibes makes it a great escape from the city hustle.

Sandboarding in Fayoum

An exceptional outdoor experience, sandboarding the dunes, camping in the desert, and star gazing throughout the night makes for a perfect trip.
After choosing your favorite activities in Egypt, and its time to arrange the graduation destination - Cairo trip, make sure to check Destination Cairo and dive deeper into the details.  
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Before we leave, we can't help but transport you back to the spectacle that is The Luxor Sphinx Avenue Parade.